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Audience Reviews

“A playful, open-minded film about a deadly serious subject.”

International Rivers SARAH BARDEEN

“India’s energy choices beautifully exposed. Polluting past or a vibrant future?”

Mark Dubois

“…an engaging, eye-opening, uplifting view of energy issues…
Ambitious in scope, titanic in spirit and heartfelt in execution…”

Association for India’s Development ESHA ZAVERI

“…Brilliant. Spellbinding. Illuminating…”

Megh Pyne Abhiyan EKLAVYA PRASAD

“…very moving. Makes its point strongly. A great job done.
It’s a very important film and I hope it gets seen.”

Naseeruddin Shah, Actor

About the Film

When stretches of the Ganges River Basin dry up in the Himalayas due to intensified damming, a curious 6yr old girl who has been hearing wonderful mythological stories about the river, asks - "if the river is not there why hear stories about it?" Which becomes the starting point of her family's journey to find some answers. SunGanges is that adventure, a wild and intense ride across the vast Indian landscape as the curious trio film the social and environmental impact of big energy projects of hydro and coal and witness the rise of solar and wind.

A panoptic film, SunGanges tells the stories of marginalized people across the country while busting myths and misinformation about energy sources and urging the viewer to think and make informed choices for themselves. In the process of filming, the makers meet actor Naseeruddin Shah who adds a dubious, yet not entirely unfamiliar dimension to the subject.

The Team