20% off! Screening Kit for Non-Profits & Businesses

You get a 20% off the price if you share the film screening information and trailer on your organization's official social media channels. 

SunGanges is an independent film. And so it greatly benefits the cause when organizations like yours rally behind it and get the word out. Share the film and your screening event with your community and the world at large. Tag us as you Tweet about it, post on your Website, talk about it in your Newsletters... use all social media platforms, so others too may host the screening of the film.

Below are a couple sample posts you could pick up. Or you may create your own.


Highly recommend all to host a screening of SunGanges, a new panoptic film on #water, #energy and the rise of #solar and wind #energy. An urgent film for today's #climate. Get trailer and screening license here: http://sunganges.com/


A new film about accelerating the world's shift to 100% #RenewableEnergy, #SunGanges is as entertaining & engaging as it can get. Truly panoptic and persuasive! Get trailer and screening license here: http://sunganges.com/