Host a Screening – Family & Friends


  • Movie on rent for 24 hours stream.
  • A what-can-I-do guide download for individuals, family and friends 


* Points to Note

* This is a pre-order. Sunganges will be launched on Video on Demand 5 June onwards. The streaming link will be alive and open and we will notify you as we get close to the launch date.
* The SunGanges film on VOD is not meant for screening for larger audiences (more than 20) or for public screening. For public screening, please select the appropriate license from the homepage. If you have any questions, write in to

Why screen SunGanges?

Electricity - the juice that powers and sustains our lives today, at the point of its generation, wreaks havoc on habitats and the environment. It need not be so. And people need to know.

SunGanges makes a strong case for sensible, sustainable renewable energy and inspires the viewers to demand change in policy and at a personal level act locally towards adopting solar.

How to screen the film?

Screening a film like SunGanges can be a powerful, result oriented event. 

How to use the SunGanges Screening Kit?

With your kit you will receive all the resources you need to host a successful screening of your own. It is simple. Here’s how you do it -

Step 1: Decide who you want to reach and why - friends, family, neighbors.

Step 2: Plan when and where you’ll host your screening - could be in your living room or even your backyard!

Step 3: Get the word out and fill your venue - personal invitations, newsletters, social media, posters at locations.

Step 4: Use SunGanges Screening Kit resources - the film trailer, promotional materials and discussion guides.

Step 5: Show the film. Host a discussion and discuss with your audience to draw out a plan of action at the local level.