Host a Screening – Non-Profits & Businesses

This SunGanges Screening Kit includes everything you need to share the film with your audience and lead a discussion about water, rivers, dirty energy, clean energy, sustainability, environment & climate change. The Kit includes:

  1. 75 min feature-length version of the film
  2. Invitation to screening (customizable art .psd file)
  3. 11x17" posters (art)
  4. 4x6" postcards (art)
  5. Facebook Cover Image
  6. Twitter Cover Image
  7. Host-a-Screening Guide
  8. Discussion Guide
  9. Press Kit (with high resolution images)
  10. Public license for single screening of the film

$ 150.00

* Point to Note

* The SunGanges Screening Kit license is for one public screening only. If you would like to screen the film multiple times please write in to

Why Screen SunGanges? 

  1. Electricity at the point of its generation, wreaks havoc on water, habitats and the environment. It need not be so. SunGanges makes a strong case for sensible, sustainable renewable energy. The film is made to spark dialogue and discussion around changes needed in policy with regard to early adoption of clean energy.
  2. Fresh water has become a subject of concern in many countries and even so we see water being mismanaged by huge centralized energy projects like big dams, coal fired power plants. This film gives a panoptic picture of all these issues and discusses solutions as well.
  3. SunGanges, even as it is set in one country India, is timely, even urgent. As we see the alarming effects of climate change, this film becomes the story of the world.

How to use the SunGanges Screening Kit?

While screening a film can be a powerful, result oriented community event, it takes some planning and work to put it all together. Reason why we have designed the SunGanges Screening Kit that will guide you step-by-step in holding a successful film screening event.

The Kit you will receive will have all the resources you need to host a successful screening of your own. It is simple -

Step 1: Decide who you would like your audience to be and why - members of your organization, your students and local community.

Step 2: Plan - when and where you’ll host your screening - could be classrooms or auditoriums within the college or university premises.

Step 3: Get the word out. Use marketing materials from the SunGanges Kit -  invitations, newsletter materials, social media lines, posters at locations, hand out postcards.

Step 4: Use SunGanges Kit online resources - the film trailer, Twitter/ Facebook images, Press Kit materials.

Step 5: Screen the film. Host a discussion with the SunGanges Discussion Guide. Engage your audience in a dialogue and/or draw out a plan of action according to your organization's mission and goals.