SunGanges Screening Kit for Education

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The SunGanges Screening Kit for Education has the following items.

  1. DVD: 60 min feature-length version of the film. 
  2. Bonus features, extended interviews of researchers covering the subjects: water, hydro power dams, coal thermal power and renewable energy
  3. Vimeo links for streaming all content
  4. Appropriate educational licenses to screen the film including Public Screening License in all the packages. 

The license options are based on the nature and duration of usage and the prices below are based on the license you choose.

3-Year License

5-Year License

Please note:

  1. DVD:

    On purchase, the film and the bonus features will be available to you in DVD format. The delivery time for the DVD would be 2 weeks. An additional $20 would be charged for shipping and handling.

  2. PPR:

    Public Performance Rights (PPR) includes all ready to print/use advertising and communication materials you would need to host a successful public screening and discussion. The following files will be made available to you as downloads:

    • Invitation to screening (customizable art .psd file)
    • 11x17" posters (art)
    • 4x6" postcards (art)
    • Facebook Cover Image
    • Twitter Cover Image
    • Host-a-Screening Guide
    • Discussion Guide
    • Press Kit (with high resolution images)
    • Public license for single screening of the film
  3. Digital:

    The film as per the Digital Site License, would be delivered as digital file via easily accessible Vimeo download links. No subscription is required.

For any other specific requirements particular to your organization's set up, please let us know and we will do our best to make things possible.

DVD + PPR License + Digital:

G+ Hangout Q&As with Filmmaker

We also offer a Google Hangout (or equivalent) Q+A session with the filmmaker. Professors can arrange for this discussion with the filmmaker to join their class, thus introducing a powerful new dimension to class debates. Please write in for more details to

Why screen SunGanges?

  1. Electricity at the point of its generation, wreaks havoc on water, habitats and the environment. It need not be so. SunGanges makes a strong case for sensible, sustainable renewable energy. The film is made to spark dialogue and discussion around changes needed in policy with regard to early adoption of clean energy.
  2. Fresh water has become a subject of concern in many countries and even so we see water being mismanaged by huge centralized energy projects like big dams, coal fired power plants. This film gives a panoptic picture of all these issues and discusses solutions as well.
  3. SunGanges, even as it is set in one country India, is timely, even urgent. As we see the alarming effects of climate change, this film becomes the story of the world.

About the Film

“...a playful, open minded film about a deadly serious subject…” - is how International Rivers, California, describes the film SunGanges. The story is set in India. But SunGanges’s topic of Energy and Water is as current, burning and global as it can get.

When stretches of the Ganges River Basin dry up in the Himalayas due to intensified damming, a curious 6yr old girl asks "if the river is not there, why hear stories about it?". To which the mom along with her brother set out to find some answers. SunGanges is that adventure, a wild and intense ride across the vast Indian landscape as the curious trio film the social and environmental impact of big energy projects of hydro and coal and witness the rise of solar and wind.

Highly informative and entertaining, SunGanges continuously dives right into the heart of matters taking along dam officials, affected tribals & locals, researchers, geologists, professors, entrepreneurs & doctors some who prefer to remain anonymous. In the process of filming, the makers meet fine and famous actor Naseeruddin Shah who adds a dubious, yet not entirely unfamiliar dimension to the subject.